Ongoing projects

Stability of viruses

National Science Centre SONATA BIS 2017/26/E/ST4/00041


leader:  Jan Paczesny, PhD

post-doc: Konrad Giżyński, PhD

PhD-student: Karolina Księżarczyk, MSc

PhD student: Karolina Paszkowska, MSc Eng.

MSc student: Sylwia Karoń (2019/2020)

MSc student: Jacek Kędzierski, MSc (2018/2019)

Bacteria detection in complex samples

Sepsis detection using phage-based sensors.

Mechanoevolution of bacteria

Adaptation of bacteria to mechanical stress.

Langmuir films far from equilibrium

Dynamic self-assembly in 2D systems at the air/water interface.

Thermodynamics far from equilibrium


Unraveling rules governing our-of-equilibrium thermodynamics

Thinking materials

Signal processing within soft materials for neuromorphic computing.

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Completed grants

Dendritic polymers in solutions, condensed phases, at the air/water interface and on solid substrates - structure of the polymer versus its properties


National Science Centre grant OPUS DEC-2012/07/B/ST5/02045


leader: professor Jacek Gregorowicz

main contractor: Jan Paczesny, PhD

Development of fast and efficient deposition of analyte in the electric field for improvement of sensing and biosensing (2018-2019)


National Science Centre PRELUDIUM 2017/27/N/ST4/02353


leader:  MSc Eng. Łukasz Richter

Ultrafast sensor for bacteria detection based on bacteriophages (2013-2016)

National Science Centre grant SONATA DEC-2012/07/D/ST5/02240


leader: Jan Paczesny

contractors: Łukasz Richter, Karolina Włodyga, Agnieszka Sulej, Krzysztof Bielec

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) platform (2014-2015)

within PBS grant "Bio-SERS"


leader: professor Robert Hołyst

contractors: Łukasz Richter and Jan Paczesny

Commercialization of new nanocomposite materials for biomedical applications (2015)

Foundation for Polish Science IMPULS 24/UD/SKILLS/2014


leader: Katarzyna Wybrańska

contractors: Agnieszka Sulej and Jan Paczesny

Cytotoxicity of nanomaterials (2014-2015)

programme by Foundation for Polish Science INTER 74/UD/SKILLS/2014


leader: Jan Paczesny

contractor: Kinga Matuła

Thin films of ZnO quantum dots (2012-2015)

Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant Iuventus Plus IP2012 046572

leader: Jan Paczesny

contractor: Ilona Binkiewicz

Self-assembly of bolaamphiphiles (2011-2012)

National Science Centre PRELUDIUM DEC-2011/01/N/ST5/02917


leader: Jan Paczesny

From nano to micro scale: the movement of proteins and nanoparticles in complex fluids (2009-2012)

Foundation for Polish Science TEAM/2008-2/2

grant leader: professor Robert Hołyst

Quantum semiconductor nanostructures for applications in biology and medicine (2009-2012)

European grant POIG.01.01.02-00-008/08

leader: professor Robert Hołyst

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